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I am the mono GF of a binogamous woman who has a BF of a couple of years. While not married (and not gonna be), they do have a commitment to each other. Being the new comer to this situation has its challenges because they have a head start of intimacy which is something that I want in my life.

We are also challenged by distance...which, I think is also a good thing for us since my GF and I are both passionate and totally gah gah for each other.

Admittedly, I have had moments when I have considered dating another woman.. locally but, in all honestly, I am so in love with my GF that another woman in my life would just be a stand-in for when I am not able to see her. And that just seems wrong to me.

I am finding that I have to be careful negotiating this emotional space that I am drawn to when we are unable to be together. This place says to me: well she has someone else. You can too. While I know that to be a potential truth in the matter, I am also well aware of the fact that my GF has a GF and a BF because that is HOW she is. The same is not necessarily true for me.

Still, I have not completely closed the door on that option.

All this to say, I know this place of confusion. I get through it by focusing on the immense love and support I have in this relationship. Stay strong and true.
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