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Originally Posted by jm24 View Post
Thank you for your fast reply and bluntness Mono.

I definitely don't want to demean her value of marriage. There are a lot of things that I value about marriage too. What I would like is more acceptance loving other people in an intimate way.

No, I'm not interested in this new relationship just for sex. We have a more spiritual and purpose aligned connection than anything. The physical connection is nice, don't get me wrong, but that is not my main reason. I didn't even allow myself to have these feelings for her until she expressed them to me.
Sounds like you are coming from a good place. That will carry forward into discussions for sure. Go slow and keep sight of the pitfalls of NRE. It can be amazing but it can also make you impatient/unthinking and resentful of your partner's pace...if there is any movement at all of course.

Take care and speak with your own words..not those of any one else. That will be genuine and believable. Take care

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