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The other day, O seemed out of sorts and I asked him what had happened and he replied that he couldn't really discuss it. I still don't know what that was all about but it caused me to realize that the idea of the two of them fighting or having trouble made me feel quite disconcerted. 1- I don't want to be in the middle of anything 2- our relationship is built on the three of us and disrupting that would throw off it's stability. I felt a feeling similar to the one I felt when my mother talked about getting a divorce from my father. Not that it's quite the same. I can also relate to the worry of how people would perceive me as a cause of problems if there were to be any. We're not really out (only to a select few) but I think there are some people who suspect something and I'm sure would be quick to think that he and I might be having an affair. Polyamory is not in their universe.
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