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Originally Posted by Jade View Post
if you're not good in your primary relationship, then you're in a bad place to deal with the challenges or even the joys of the secondary.
Weeel, just so you know, PN and I aren't about to break up... more in my blog, but just so you know.

Jade I just wanted to quote this bit because it is so true. I have absolutely no energy to give to any other drama in my life to the point that I am not socializing even, let alone deal with any issue that comes up with Mono and I. Luckily he and I have never been better. I am glad Derby is having some much needed time with her husband too right now and I can step back... I would of liked to of spent time with him too, but not to be and there is plenty of time for that later.

Right now I am dealing with the tasks at hand and that is getting some things done to make sure I am happy and so is PN.... we are working on it and it's going fine so far.

I'm grateful to everyone for the support and advice given to Mono... thank you for that
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