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Thank you for all the comments. It was not a quest for advice so much as curiosity purely of how others feel. I don't adhere to the concept of "thier relationship is not my responsibility" although that would be a much easier outlook I'm thinking.

I'm afraid you don't know our situation with regards to new relationships Breathesgirl. Things would have already been different if not for me. That is for sure.

Redpepper knows I consider them a package deal..PN is the key to my being healthy in this as a mono.
This is taken from the glossary of definitions and although there is humour in it there is also truths and very real concerns for me.

Monomour - monogamous partner in a mono-poly relationship. Shares sexual/romantic affections with a single partner who knowingly has other loves.

Shares some possessive traits of the Monogamonster but has no hidden agenda to convert poly partner. Is the exact opposite of the Cowboy in that the monomour relies on the maintenance of existing relationships to avoid becoming a Monogamonster.

Pronunciation ; mon-oh-more
Origins; MonoVCPHG
References; Monopedia
See; monogamy, monotony, mine-mine-mine, things to avoid, wet blanket, WTF?!!


The Monogamonster, then, is the spectre of monogamy that threatens a poly relationship, but may refer to monogamous partners who may raise that spectre should a poly person become attached to them.

Playing the Game of Life with Monopoly rules.
Monogamy might just be in my genes

Poly Events All Over

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