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I've mentioned before that I have bipolar 1 disorder. This has a great deal to do with whether I prefer to be alone or in a social setting on any given day. If I'm hypomanic or manic I can't stand being on my own. I have to be out socializing and talking and doing something active with either one person or, preferably, a group (it takes a group to keep up with me). If I'm depressed I tend to like being with just my hubby or a close friend. Being completely alone isn't good for me for long periods of time either way. My thoughts tend to get out of control with no one to bounce them off of. I've become a text message FIEND for that reason. I also suffer anxiety in large groups of unfamiliar people or on long trips alone where there are many strangers like the occasional subway ride.

I don't know that any of this contributes to my wanting another love partner but it does contribute greatly to my desire for close, affectionate, non-sexual friendships. I feel lonely if there's no one to share a loving touch with for long periods of time. My poor son is smothered. But, luckily, he's a mush like mommy so he likes my cuddles.
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