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I guess the first question is simple: are you bisexual? I'm thinking it wouldn't be a good idea to find a girlfriend if you're really not romantically interested in women.

And if not, then you're looking at having to find a man. Have you worked through your issues with men?

Finally, I think you'll need to confront the question of whether or not you're cut out for poly life. Are you really ready to make serious romantic connections with more than one person? Trying to maintain a relationship that you really aren't cut out for is never a good thing, for you or the person you'd end up hurting.

Beyond that, I wouldn't begin with the ads in a girly magazine. There are many online dating sites that would work so much better--you can get more information on people before making contact and so forth. Some dating sites prohibit poly folk, some are neutral, and some support it ( is one of the latter).
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