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As someone who has suffered disabling depression on-and-off (mostly on) for my entire life, I'd like to share what I know about my own depression.

When I am deeply depressed, there is really no point trying to do anything about it except relax, wait it out, and look for those moments when I am capable of enjoying anything. Then I try to do something that will boost my energy/mood. It usually has to be something fun, but if it can also be exercise, eating well, or something else inherently good for me, that is a plus.

Personally, I get enormously frustrated when other people in my life try to advance, or even suggest, solutions to me when I'm really down. Though therapy, medication, exercise, lifestyle changes etc. have been helpful to me personally, trying to set something like that in motion while already deeply depressed just drains my energy further.

Most likely, PN's situation is so different from mine, that this information won't be helpful. But its possible that he may be stuck in the same catch-22 I often have been: I'd be so much more active in dealing with my depression, if I wasn't so damn depressed!

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