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@RP You've never offended me with your honesty. I think your wisdom and experience (and the others here) have truly been an invaluable resource for me. I agree with you almost all the time, and I suspect their end isn't too far away. If she chooses to re-visit Poly later, whith a more loving effort, and a non-married partner, we may even be able to work through that. It's all the muck I have to walk through to get us there. After yesterday, I'm at a much calmer place. Today I told her I'm moving back in the master, and for now, if they could find another venue, I'd like some things sacred for just us, she agreed without any hold back at all. This week will certainly be testing, I'm pretty sure we will al be together on about 3 or 4 occassions. Just gonna take one day at a time and try and love her unconditionally.
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