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I'm glad to hear you are bluntly honest. This is what has always worked best in our lives too. The thing is, you owe him nothing. I can't see one reason you wouldn't talk to your wife about what he says. He isn't used to honesty, and openenness, show him how it works. I tell all my partners everything. I would let him know you intend to do so though.

This whole thing about you going out to sleep with someone? Its not cheating to do so. If that is what you are in to. People have open relationships to do just that. Who is she to define what cheating is anyway? She's cheating! He's cheating! He doesn't love her, I would bank on that. He is using her as he has all the others he's cheated with. Its a high of some kind for him. I think he's almost done with her actually. I wouldn't be surprised if he has his eye on another already. Pussy gets old fast when the NRE rush is over and you've just been using it to fuck. Meh, its all good if they are both into casual sex, but she thinks she loves him. It sounds like she will be hurt.

Its really too bad, cause if she wanted another partner, who loves her and respects her and who she could love, she could of had that. It could of been good. Now its just damage control. Or not even as no one seems to care about the damage.

Look, I am being really blunt here. You say its what you "do" so that is what I'm giving. You of course don't have to agree or it could be different for you... But it might be helpful to here it from the outside perspective that I have. Take it or leave it.
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