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Originally Posted by krebs77 View Post
Am I doing something wrong or is it just bad luck?


Hey Krebs,

I don't think it's either !
"Time" is one of the least acknowledged problems we face in poly relationships ! Those who have been involved for any length of time have hit this wall head on. Despite all the other advantages, time can be a real burden ! Especially if the relationship is a V or other similar arrangement where time division is a big component.
This is why triads, quads, etc are more desirable and (from a time perspective) easier to navigate.

It's a crazy world we live in right now with demands on our time. Between job commitments, social engagements, family for those that applies to it can get too stressful. The MO of the boyfriend/girlfriend model just doesn't lend itself well to poly unless you all have loads of uncommitted time.

Seems your potentials are aware of this. Nothing to do with you so much as maybe the particular model you are trying to construct. It has it's limitations.

If you can look into more triad/quad etc type possibilities it may be that you'll find it easier.

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