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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
LOL!!! I wish! Thing is, if he actually did end it, my wife would never forgive me for ruining it.
I'm not sure what would be ruined anymore. You are constantly being disrespected it seems and this guy's wife is completley being discounted as a feeling human being as long as they continue thier affair.

I guess you would be raining on thier little parade. They are living in a fantasy world. I'd say they either want to get caught to create a big change because they aren't strong enough to make the move or they are oblivious to the fragility of thier disolusioned world. For the record..they suck at having an affair and that is either a good sign indicating a lack of practice or a bad sign indicating they simply don't give a fuck about how it affects you or this guy's wife.

The whole situation reeks of selfishness, childishness, and sadness.

I feel for you my friend. Sorry to be such a downer

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