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Well, we had a long talk yesterday. I told her I'm at my wits end, my breaking point. That since this has started I feel like shes leading a separate life and only involving me on the bad parts. That I need her to include me more on everything. I feel like it's my last, best hope to throw myself in as much as I can stand and see if I can do this. We spent the day in each others arms, I moved back into the master...I just don't know.

He told her they need to 'cool it' this week cause it's our anniversary week, she says to me 'he's one hell of a guy'. My mind goes right to no, the married guy fucking my wife is not one hell of a guy. I just can't help the nasty inside of me, the anger, pain. I forced myself to get past the hickies (grr) after writing him a biting message on facebook. He writes me back that it was an accident, and he's ready to stop for me, I just have to say the word. WTF! Mind fuck much? Of course I can't 'say the word'. It's not up to me.

Another friend and family mamber have caught on, ugh they are so clumsy!

Well, get results of mom's biopsy this week, and hopefully a treatment plan. And it's looking more and more likely that my job may transfer me come October. She gets furious when I tell her my position might require alot more travel, says it will kill us, and I can just stay home and collect unemployment.

So ya, mom cancer, marriage, failing, job failing...feeling pretty darn good these days.
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