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I'm also in the mild anxiety problems group. I don't mind certain groups of people, especially if I know them, but I definitly prefer small goups of people if I'm new, especially if they all know each other. I used to and still occasionally have a problem being out and about shopping and running errands, the anxiety will hit and I'll have to leave the building and go sit in the car until it either goes away or I go home.

But I also hate being alone, always have...I've never had to live alone, the closest I've come to it was living with another person and her son and her nephew (totally platonic, way before I knew of or thought I was poly). So technically I wasn't alone, but I did have to forge new relationships. I went to the community college and although did have two experiences with WDWCP I had 5 roommates each time so wasn't ever really alone.

I hate when my hubby has to go on the rare business trips out of state which are usually overnight stays. Although when I was staying in IL to talk to "Elric" I didn't seem to get hit with the paranoia or anxiety which usually hits me. Curious...
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