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Ya, sometimes its important to step aside and listen. I get that jkelly. If someone is not getting that though, should it not be that others then suggest that they step aside? In the spirit of honesty and openess, that is, or is it not worth that much to people that they bother? After all, people come and go on here all the time. Why would anyone bother reminding others that they might learn something if they step aside when there will be a whole new load of people in a week or so. Besides, should we not also expect the same thing? For people to step aside for us? Maybe those who need others to step aside should also ask for that too. I can see that people who come here might not always feel listened to. HMA certainly didn't. I know I haven't listened before, especially when I've felt like I've had my back against a wall. Maybe I need a thicker skin in those instances? Probably. I know several people who would agree to that actually. Interesting! Thanks for giving me something to think about jkelly!

I don't really recommend this forum to others either. I think most people don't want to talk about their stuff on the whole. At the very most it seems they prefer to talk with others in person. They just muddle through and stuff happens or it doesn't. People more often than not just want to live life rather than analyse it and discuss it with others it seems. Imagine how many poly people are out there if we poly people who like to talk about stuff, are just a small drop in the pan.
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