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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
But then you create the dreaded, everyone is equal. This may create jealousy with your followers who want you to love them more haha
They all dislike me equally too. We have an egalitarian hegemony.

Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post

i think it is a waste of time to argue this issue in rebuttal after rebuttal without a clear list of suggestions in the form of actions that all people on this forum could take.
this this this!!!!

Originally Posted by redsirenn View Post
So - can I suggest to the mods to move this under the thread for forum suggestions ONLY if we can all attempt to do this in a clearer, more efficient way? Please?

That I feel would be progress.

Done. It's been added to the "Suggestions and feedback" thread.

Oh, and redsirenn, sugar pie? It's "hijack", not "hyjack". Are you ok with me telling you that, hon?

I'm JUST KIDDING around. I think rs can handle it!
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