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If you read what I wrote I spoke of how she picks apart peoples words to serve her agenda. I didn't say what that agenda is because when she gets on one of these kicks it could be about anything and I also said that it wasn't about this posts. I just see a pattern of what made me uncomfortable about this forum when I was a newbie. Spcifically when she would zero in on someone I was afraid to speak my mind because I am not skilled in that type of debate. I thought that bit of info would be helpful to this topic because as Ari said that is something that has changed and I find this place to be less intimidating.

This forum is made by the idividuals on it. This is a senerio showing the effect that a specific individual had on another's outlook on the forum as a whole. Also you will see where I stated I gravitate to those who are different than I. I'm not saying anything negative about Ceoli because she is not one of the mass. Her knowledge and insight are valuable because she has a way of disecting things that I actually really like. I just think it could be put to better use on the issue at hand not how people explain their own point of view. Maybe there would be an answer to this year long debate. But this is just me stating how one thing she does makes me feel. It's really just a statement I don't expect her to change who she is or anything. She is she and I accept that. Just felt like throwing it out there.
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