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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
Having it pointed out that some people are not well-served can be useful in and of itself, because it can serve as a reminder to check ourselves when it comes to how we treat people who aren't fitting in well.
Yes it can for the reason you described. I'm just not sure what saying it over and over again is meant to produce. Change? I would assume, but we can only change ourselves then and that takes time or doesn't happen at all if we decide not to. Sometimes we think that we are doing all we can and until a light goes off in ones head, that is just where we are at. That should be respected I think. Or we should move on.

I work in a company that has a main office with two flights of stairs. Its meant to serve my clients, people with disabilities. The director wanted that office because it is high enough to see the ocean from his window. He didn't think about my clients and how we now can't go there easily because of the stairs. He really didn't think about it and has found ways to help us negotiate the stairs. The fact of the matter is that it is awkward and a pain in the ass so we don't go there. We go elsewhere and get our needs met quite nicely.

The world works like that. I think we just need to learn how to deal and get on with it. I make it work for my clients and when he asks me why we don't go there I just say matter-of-factly, "because of the stairs."

I see this forum the same way. It has some stairs. That's just how it is. I chose to shrug it off and make the best of it. If asked then I would say I don't talk about that there "because of the stairs," I go elsewhere. No emotion attached, its just how it is and I don't have a need to be stressed about that as there are other things to be stressed about.

In my job I have a bigger need to make sure my clients are having fun and see they are well taken care of. The stairs are not an issue. They don't even know I struggled because I don't take them there.
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