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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Heh. And yet we get criticized for moderating what we do because it's stifling and people are unable to express themselves freely. We frisk for weapons at the door and insist on fair fights and then get told we're too restrictive and that makes some people feel unwelcome.
I have had to wield the magic hammer in a lock down of a forum of over 100,000 users. The lockdown chased away a group of 50. In that process we gained another 20,000. Sometimes it is needed and other times it isn't. We had many trolls and people who just werent conceding their own ignorance (damn those hipsters and their fixed gear bikes...). It was a significantly larger forum in scale than this. That was heavy handed moderation

If people think this is heavy moderation than they haven't played on forums with actual moderation. I have only been censored here once, with a lot of swearing and ranting and horrible sexual innuendo ...sometimes rants directed against the longer time members. That censorship came because of a youtube add I posted. Something I shouldn't have done. Moderation on this site is virtually non-existent and the site runs well, kudos to the team.

Your rules simply follow the human condition for reasonable interactions.

I will stop stroking the egos now...back to you usual programming of ... well poly foruming haha
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