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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

The rest is left up to the site owner, we can't make up forums on our own, just moderate what's here and follow the policies. If those policies change its up to him. He isn't interested in doing that as its all running along smoothly. If he did and things changed somehow then the mods would adjust or leave and the people who come here would adjust or leave.
You CAN make up forums for free, though. I was just talking about this with someone in PM. Forumotion and Aimoo are just two such sites where you can make your own free forum in minutes, and they look almost identical to this one. You even get a name like "". Plenty of folks go that route when they can't find an existing forum that suits their needs, and it's easy to promote these because most forums don't mind promoting other forums that fill the needs of another niche of their target audience.
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