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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
I have to question that claim because I can assure you that such a notion was never considered as essential to anything dealing with site policies. Indeed, I can assure you that such a notion was never considered *at all* when the site policies were being decided.

I can say *definitively* that such a notion is not the foundation of this site.
you misunderstand. I am not saying the site was built on "everyones poly is different" I was saying the site was built on poly, which inarguably is a weak foundation.

As an example for clarity, look at biking. I am an admin on a long running bike forum. There is not a lot of wishy washy "is this biking, is that biking, whats biking" going on. The foundation is clear leaving the structure to grow as it will for hobbies.

Poly does not have that same foundation. Hell some of us can't even agree on what love is....let alone what poly is to everyone.

That is a function of the members posting what they want to talk about--something site staff can't do much about.
I know that, I wasn't accusing staff in the least ...forums are made and broken on the backs of the members...the staff can break things too, but this is the most unmoderated forum I have ever been on...the members are making this forum what it is.

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