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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Eh. I'd prefer to do something about it.
You do no? You start your own threads and people engage with you. I don't get it. What more is there, no one has forced an agenda on here. We all do the same things. The fact of the matter is that some people are interested in what we say and some aren't. No one can make people engage. People do when they feel comfortable to do so. I try and create comfort because I want people to engage with (its kind of like the host and being hosted thing I had a thread on once). If people don't create comfort, then how can they expect people to want to talk with them. I certainly have been guilty of making others uncomfortable in my life off this forum, they leave or don't talk with me. I do the same, I leave or don't talk to that person until I feel comfortable.

The rest is left up to the site owner, we can't make up forums on our own, just moderate what's here and follow the policies. If those policies change its up to him. He isn't interested in doing that as its all running along smoothly. If he did and things changed somehow then the mods would adjust or leave and the people who come here would adjust or leave.
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