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Sigh, Ceoli... I just have to get this off my chest. I really admire the knowledge that you CAN bring to the table. You have helped me alot and others here as well, but it was you that I was referring in my agreance with Ari. You seem to have an agenda to point out how this forum has populars kids and the odd balls need to stand aside or leave. It really stinks of highschool issues from your past or something. I just wonder... Why are you here? Why do you come to a board that you so love to bash. I feel you have so much more to offer to the people of this board, but you chose to do this instead. It saddens me. Some don't always agree with what you say, you don't always agree with what others say. I just don't see why you have to break up and decipher other's posts to suit your agenda. What are you achieving within yourself by brow beating the people on here? I say this not from this thread (although it seems to be headed there) but from previous disputes you have had with people here.
I have no issues with popularity or anything of the like. I have issues with space and being inclusive with any community that claims to have or seek those traits. I'd just like to see more space made here. Apparently that causes a whole lotta issues for people when I point out there there are places where there there isn't space. I'd just like to see a bit more diversity of views. Apparently making my views about that is "brow-beating". So be it. I have views and I post them. That's why I'm here. I really don't care if I'm liked or even listened to. But I do care about what other people who may come here seeking information see and read.

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All I know is yes there are those who post ALOT more than others and that does set the mood, but we can't limit how many posts they make or set a minimum quota for the lurkers to ensure this place is more dynamic. There is no affirmative action here. So we have a few that stand out more than the rest... This makes us unwelcoming how? People are all different. Some get along. Some don't. Just because it is online doesn't mean that a forum will be comepletely balanced. There are people behind these keyboards. I wouldn't be friends with everyone in the real world and not because they are different (im drawn to different and get annoyed by those similar to me) but because we just don't mesh well. It happens. The world will never ever ever be all inclusive. As much as you want to claim that you are more inclusive than those on here you are merely human and therefore you will suffer the same trait as well all do. The inability to be all inclusive.

and now I'm done. Pick apart what you will if you must. I'll get over with quicy if you like. You will win. 1) I don't want to fuss or debate with you. 2) I'm not on your skill level with this sort of thing.

Just know I respect what I have known you to bring to the table when you aren't on a mission and I wish I would see more of that and less of this.
I'm not proposing any of that. Just suggesting that people be a bit more aware. Yet again, when I suggest such things or make my views known, it turns into disruptive drama. Ah well.
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