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I have many poly friends in many places. Not one of them is interested in participating in this forum. They come here to read up on me mostly. As I don't talk much about my personal stuff elsewhere. they roll their eyes and think I am crazy for being on here. They don't get why I care so much about the people supported on here and find it sad to read here. I respect that they think differently and get teased about it... Mono too. Actaully some are out and out frustrated with us, but it's our call what we do with ourselves and they inevitably respect that we like it here. They must cause we still hang out even though there are major differences in how we do poly.

I like that there is now a place to stick our grumpy crappy stuff in the form of a blog. I was really glad to start that this week as I felt one sided. I like to give support and saying good stuff does that, however just saying that its all hard work with out evidence of that hard work means nothing.

I'm not sure why people stay here if they don't like it. I have looked at other forums and come back to this one more often than not. I don't have a desire to change other forums though. I just go where I feel comfortable and engaged and challenged in the way that fits for me. others do this too. Yes that is a privilege to be able to have that in my life, but then aren't we all privileged to even have a computer and internet access to be able to find support, challenge etc at all? Some of my poly friends don't and rely on me and others to support them.

I'm not sure what is to be gained by saying we are privileged.... it's a public forum, if it were private, that would be more a privelge to point out I would think....

In any case, I like ygirl's presence here. I will continue to support her and protect her as long as I want to. We all do that with people in our lives. We all support those that we want to. I don't make any apologise for that and won't be changing that any time soon. If ygirl asks to to leave her alone and not support her, then I will do that out respect for her. It's between her and I really.
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