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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I read these complaints when I first got here. And a lot of the dissension made this site almost unbearable at times (thanks LR for convincing me to stick around). My pov differs from most people on this site, my "type" differs greatly. I found the atmosphere abrasive and almost violent. No topic could be debated without someone getting really pissy or trying to twist words into their own use, I always felt like I was watching politicians debate, instead of taking the intended meaning of the posts people would rip them apart and make the context change. That has since stopped since some members have left (usually in a huff). I am still on a forum that does this, okc for the record, people there love to rip apart what is said and blow it up their ass and hand out an apple pie made from blueberries. Fun to watch but not inviting to say the least. I don't run into those challenges here anymore.

I agree Ari. There have been a few that use other's words as weapons against them. Twisting them into daggers and then when it's pointed out to them they would claim it's for the sake of debate. Not their fault the others vocab isn't up to par, ect ect ect. It was sad and disheartening because for the most part I was a lurker. I had no experience so I didn't post. I'm terrible at follow through with my stories so I gathered what I could from others. Alot of very valuable discussions were lost due to this happening and I was always disappointed when a thread turned into such a petty, ego feeding, "I'm smarter/more evolved/more open minded ect ect than you." I'm glad that that part of this forum has died for the most part and I hope that it does not return!
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