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I suffer from moderate to severe social anxiety, which is made worse in anonymous situations (such as an online forum) or other situations where I don't feel like I can get the full picture communicating with someone (phone, email).

For the record, while I have found the strong opinions of some members intimidating, I have not been offended or scared away by any responses to my posts. I've come to an online, faceless community for advice. I accept that I will either hear things I want to hear, things I might not want to hear but are still constructive, or morons not being helpful yet. (The last has not occured for me.)

Yes, I agree that the established, loving, stable relationships are also intimidating, but if one digs a little bit, I have found that you can see other sides of the same story. Also, I can't really hold it against people for the hard work that got them to where I'd one day like to be!

So, here's a newb (both to the forum and actually practicing poly) saying that this place is not all that bad.
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