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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
It would just be nice if those sites googled as high as this one, then people who are new to poly that approach it in other ways wouldn't be put off.

We have the same issue in the realm of CF forums. Certain ones are more "hardcore" than others, and even the non-hardcore ones vary when it comes to things like inclusiveness. There is one, perhaps the most "offensive" one in terms of allowing "willy-nilly fuck-you's" as well as usage of terms such as "faggot" and "retard", that has extremely high Google ratings. Other CF forums disagree with the "hate" site that allows everything being displayed in Google as an "example".

I don't put much stock in Google ratings. I tend to think for myself. If something is high up on the Google search results, I always look further. It's a bit insulting to people searching on the internet to assume that they are "put off" from poly just because they don't like the first forum that shows up in Google. It's a bit like saying that they would be "put off" of Asian food because they didn't like the food served by the first restaurant that showed up when they googled "hot and sour soup".
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