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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
Weren't you just trying to claim that we shouldn't be limiting how people express themselves?

Or did that only apply to some of the people? Those you'd choose to express themselves freely?

Seems to me you want to show preference to some expression and not to other expression--the same thing you're complaining about us doing.
Nope. I'm pointing out privilege. I'm pointing out that there is a favored way of expression here that is considered fair by some, and not fair by others. It seems that you (since you're saying "us" here) consider it fair and are saying "too bad" to those who may not consider it fair.

I'm saying that not everyone feels the freedom to call out such ignorance because of the need to preserve the "therapeutic nature" of this site. You seem to be ok with that. I hold a different standard.
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