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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Ceoli, I hear a lot of bitterness in your posts.

What do you see as the acceptable model of polyamory here, that you find so disturbing?

Myself, I see most ppl here as having some sort of poly-fidelitous arrangement. But I do see some ethical sluts such as myself here as well.
Magdlyn, I wouldn't say that I'm very bitter. I do get annoyed with the tone of some of the responses to what I say, but they are just as free to have that tone as I am to express my annoyance with it.

However, community organizing is an important thing to me and so is marginalization. I find communities that actively reject marginalized people to be rather dysfunctional. Since this is a site that falls highly in google searches, it strikes me that there are ways it can be a bit more responsible about examining how welcoming it really is.

As of now, this is a great site for mono couples opening their relationship, strongly couple-centric ways of practicing poly and the general poly-fi model. There are all sorts of ways that these models take up the most space and generally don't leave much space for others. This happens in all sorts of subtle ways that people can either examine or not. If people see that as a fiction I'm weaving or as being over-senstitive, that's fine. If this site is happy with where it is, then great. But it would not be true to say that this site is the place to go for everyone who is struggling. There are many struggling people who would not feel welcome here. There are definitely other sites where alternative voices have more weight. This isn't one of them. It would just be nice if those sites googled as high as this one, then people who are new to poly that approach it in other ways wouldn't be put off.
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