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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

People have left because of the atmosphere of this forum being a therapeutic environment rather than a "fuck you asshole you're wrong" fest as on other forums... why have you stayed...?

I do hope those who can't play nice have found other alternatives. I wouldn't want them to be left out, but don't encourage them to come here if they have that attitude.
This may offend some people, but I'll be totally honest. I read some stories and wonder what I would do in the same situation. I read others and say to myself, "Thank gaud that ain't me." Still others I read and recognize myself at some point in my life. It always comes back to this - NOW - it hasn't always been the case: my life is pretty good, not perfect, and why would I want to mess with it by becoming involved with more people? Not very "poly" of me, but that is what I get from this place. The personal, internal knowledge and satisfaction that I'm doing something right. I am not wise; I simply found a good partner in my husband by CHANCE, but it serves as a comparison for the good and bad decisions I have made in the past and those that I have yet to make.

THIS SITE HELPS ME APPRECIATE HOW FORTUNATE I AM. So that's why I have stayed. But it is only one part of my internet social-life. I don't lose sleep over it.
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