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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Additional note: I happen to think that the type of bluntness displayed by Y-Girl contributes to a safe space. Generally, authenticity can be a safer way to communicate than being polite. Politeness is about having to check yourself and censor natural communication in order to be more acceptable to others. That doesn't sound terribly safe to me.
Wow, thanks, but I think I do a pretty good job of being both authentic AND polite!

Despite being a self-identified misanthrope, I think that the people on this forum are all basically good and trying to do what they believe is right. I question their reasoning and processing sometimes, and I have a tendency to see "elephants in the room" that may not really be there. I explained in this thread why I take the chance that people will be offended by that.

Some of you are already aware that I struggle with the forum "tone" policy. I make an effort to follow it when it comes to my own posts (as far as things like saying "fuck you' to people go). I think it's ok to say "fuck you" as long as we can all move past it and not spiral into "Well fuck you TWICE", "No, fuck you THREE TIMES", "A THOUSAND TIMES FUCK YOU". I don't care if the angry black lady disagrees with that.

Not saying this to be a nay-sayer but as a reality check. I would say that is is a good place for a subset of the poly community but not for the poly community as a whole.
And this. This is what I have been saying all along (in the private conversations we've had). I didn't think you agreed with it. I'm sorry if I can't make things right for everybody, but I don't have the kind of control over this place that folks might think I do.
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