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HAHA! Oh we are so privileged to of made space for a peaceful respectful environment of safety on the internet. I'm SO glad to have this haven to rest in when I am feeling raw and vulnerable... as most people who come here feel when they arrive on our doorstep... battered and confused.

We should feel so proud to of achieved such high status and admiration amongst our poly community... part of that is thanks to you ygirl, yet you seemingly roll your eyes at the atmosphere along with some of your friends. I don't get it?
Ummm...yeah. Just a reminder that this is actually a very select haven. There are plenty of people who don't consider this such a safe space because their point of view or thoughts on topics are consistently met with resistance and shot down. And there are plenty of the poly community who don't admire this place because of it's subtle way of judging different practices of poly that don't conform to the way a core group of dominant posters practice it. And there is always a lot of tension and grief whenever people who run counter to this culture attempt to make space for themselves on this forum.

Not saying this to be a nay-sayer but as a reality check. I would say that is is a good place for a subset of the poly community but not for the poly community as a whole.

Then again I've said that before and gotten a lot of shit for it, and I'm sure I'll get shit for it again and lots of people telling me I'm wrong. So be it. I probably won't have time to reply (as I'm currently leading a week long sexuality education course) but I can say that as an active member of a rather large poly community, both locally where I live and more geographically spread from being online, this place is avoided by many for the above stated reasons.
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