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Default Discussion on Forum Sociology and Interpersonal Dynamics

Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
In all honesty though-while I think you are sometimes more blunt than necessary-
over the game playing b.s. that people play trying to be something that they are not.
The thing is - I hate it when people pussy-foot around something because they "don't want to hurt my feelings". To me, it is insulting, condescending, like saying "you can't HANDLE the truth™ being told to you, so we need to dress it up, put a silk hat on a pig, make things look like something they are not >JUST FOR YOU< because you are not able to face reality". And this is all packaged up as being "kind and gentle". Well, excuse me for not needing that special treatment. I will be hurt or not no matter how you tell me whatever it is you have to tell me. Just get it over with.

And I believe in treating others the way I would like to be treated.

I also think that people are not as "unique" as they are taught to think they are, and that it is a bit of a waste to patronize others with things like "my poly is not your poly". Even though there is a lot of validity in that statement and others like it, they can make a convenient smoke-screen when folks want to avoid responding to or dealing with something that makes them feel uncomfortable.

I've heard two types of criticism about the "tone" or "culture" of this forum. One, that everyone on here is here to "yes" each other and only the people who agree with the "feel-good-I'm-ok-you're-ok-and-don't-you-dare-rain-on-my-parade" are "privileged" and "acceptable". While on the other hand, there is a backlash of "But I thought this forum was supposed to be for SUPPORT, and I was JUDGED instead."

When I first joined here I didn't think I would last very long. I thought I would be scolded by the moderators and eventually banned.
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