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Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
Song lyrics I wrote, also works as a stream of consciousness poem

by My Rap Name is Alex

I like sand castle palaces, flaming chalices, birds, bees, butterflies, trees, music, families, tribes, lovers, listeners, vibes, action, relaxation, rejuvination, sensations, patience, love communications, sun rays, moon beams, the abundance of green, the beauty the light brings, the beauty the night brings, s'just a couple of my favorite things, oh.  And the sound of the scratch of the guitar strings

I like smiles on baby faces, fun new places, rejecting rat races, cats (in most cases), embraces: filled with sincerity, clarity, certain connotations of charity sudden opportunity: helpin a stranger, courage in the face of danger, an outlet for your anger. Like grabbin a mic; like doin it right. I like birdsong at first light and love at first sight, your sexy summer walk, fall days with street chalk, warmin up winter with passion & pillow talk, kissin your cold nose, peelin off wet clothes, anything I'm doin with you I suppose, a rip roaring fire it grows from an ember, see, your smile's eternally etched in my memory

I like love, trust, truth, lust, lickin lips lined with nerve endings, ending pretending, startin time spending, sending telepathic care, learning to share, showing up, being there, YEAH!, clean air, raging waters, sons, daughters, failing, trying harder, havin a good attitude, at any lattitude, My Rap Name is Alex, Peace, Love, Gratitude!

Here's a link to me performing it live if anyone's interested

loved your rap poem, its rhythm and rhyme are so good that you can read it off right the first time!, not to mention all the beautiful imagery
Hope your musical career takes off really well!
I seem to come across so many talented artists and I often wonder why they are not the stars that some other people have become with (what seems to me) not as much originality and talent!
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