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I have a girlfriend that I don't get to see very often. We are both married and I have another boyfriend as well who is now a part of my family. I totally get the time quandary.

Because of her busy life and mine, we don't get to spend time together as often as perhaps one or both of us would like but we are committed to just leaving it alone for now. It is what it is. If we need more and the other can't give more, then we will have to address the issue, but that's just how it is.

Perhaps that is just how it is for these partners of yours and they have been finding you too demanding. That can be very trying if they are already trying to balance their life already. It could of put them off and they decided that either you are needing too much or that they really can't handle more on their plate and feel that they are doing you a dis-service.

It's a shame they haven't given it a chance and taken your advice to communicate all that... but then maybe you were just not a good fit and they decided they weren't interested...

I would also suggest that the age difference was a struggle here. Perhaps they see you as being in a different time in your life that isn't compatible to theirs? I don't know anything about you so it's just a guess. Age difference doesn't seem to make a difference if the ones involved are in the relationship for similar reasons and they can adjust to the gap... maybe your reasons are differing in some way? Just a thought.
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