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We went to S&D's place for the weekend........and had possibly the BEST weekend we've EVER had! EVER!

Here's how it all went down:

We set up a dinner date with them. The problem....D is on the south beach diet....This made it difficult to make just any dinner. My wife L did SO much research to make a dinner that complied with D's diet, yet was SO yummy and tasty! It was the BEST dinner!

We showed up to S & D's house around 5 pm. After ariving, L took the food which she pre-preped at our house, and started baking it. We both acted as the chef, and the waiter. She the chef, I was the waiter. LOL We served S & D anything and everything they requested.

When it came time for dinner, we lit a candle on the dinner table, and served the food up. We all sat and ate our south beach diet dinner, while talking about life in general, but at a nice dimmly lit table. The stereo was on low with some nice calming music playing.

At this point, there had been no talk of sex or relationships. It had all simply been day to day talk about our lives....oh, and a LOT of talk about how good dinner was! LOL

Then, after dinner, S suddenly says "Lets go to the store!" We're all like "HUH? what the HELL?" But we all agree to go to the store. Afterall, L and I did not have any expectations other than a nice dinner and conversation with our best friends/lovers.

We go to Target, and meander around the isles aimlessly. S and I walk off to go look at "guy things", like automotive and camping equipment, while D and L go look at dresses and purses. LOL Then, we get to the "family planning" section of the store, where we all start checking out the different condoms and lubricants. S and I are (typically) childish about it all, but he seems to just "have to have" one tin of condoms. He finds them interesting, and a nice "conversation piece". LOL D also wanted some chocolate. So, when we get to the register, we have condoms, and chocolates. LOL Oddly enough, S & D KNEW the cashier! LOL

Anyway, L and I had not picked up on the fact that S had just bought condoms. We were having so much fun just spending time with them, we were on cloud 7 and completely overlooked it! (not quite cloud 9 yet, but close!) We were still just expecting to go back tot ehir place and go to sleep.

So, we go back to their place, and a little drinking ensues. Only a beer for me and L, and only one mixed drink each for S & D. Then, I ask if I can go use their bathroom to brush my teeth. (I have a full mouth of teeth still! LOL) While in there, D comes in and we have eye contact and a LOT of sexual tension, but no action. Then, L and S come back to the master bedroom with us, where L starts looking at their daughters artwork, which is posted on the walls. S comes up behind her and starts feeling her up, D and I look at each other and the rest is, as they say, history. This all ended up in a 4 hr fun fest last night, and about 3 hrs this morning. (Don't want to get TOO graphic )

And on that note, I found D consistently looking at me, and winking at me, blowing kisses to me, etc, etc, etc. the whole time we spent with them. Gosh....I'm in love all over again. And the best part...I love my wife even MORE now, than I did before. I had no idea this was possible, but there you have it.

I still need to talk to D about following up on a relationship or not with her. Maybe next week.

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