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Originally Posted by krebs77 View Post
Am I doing something wrong or is it just bad luck?
If you think about monogamous dating, it's not at all unusual to have a couple of short term relationships that didn't quite work in between longer serious ones, so I wouldn't even say that your luck was "bad". Closer to average, really.

That said, if you're exclusively dating people who already have other partners, that is going to make finding someone who wants to have a more serious relationship a little more challenging, simply due to time commitments if for no other reason.

Originally Posted by krebs77 View Post
have been openly poly since late 2008...

Given this I am considered to be one of the older knowledgeable poly folks
I wonder if this might be part of the puzzle, too. If nobody in your community has been having poly- relationships for longer than two years, there may not be much in the way of good models for having multiple serious relationships. Having a serious relationship with a not-so-serious one is a lot easier for many people to imagine and figure out!
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