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AliS, I haven't been doing very well. We have certainly had our good times, but I've caused a bit of drama for us also. I was dishonest and did not disclose some very important things about my sexual history. That was an earlier mistake. A more recent mistake is that I broke boundaries and didn't disclose it, then bent the truth when I confessed, then finally confessed to all of it, over the phone.

She is 2,000 miles away on vacation right now. We agreed over the phone that we wanted to work it out, and both said that we love each other. She should be back in town in about 17 days.

I'm reading the book Radical Honesty right now, and I so wish that I would have read it last year before meeting her. This book is not about polyamory, but the section on building intimacy for couples, and what he has to say about communicating about sex is very valuable information, in my opinion.

At the root of my problems is that I have been insecure. She has been a wonderful partner.
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