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Nothing changed. I told you then as I told you last night...yes it hurts, but it is something I need to deal with and I am not going to deal with it if I don't see it. No I'm not going to ask you to leave her, because I don't want you to. But just a thought, I was up all night, bedroom door open and light on. If it was bothering you that much, maybe you should come and talked to me. You wanted me to be open with you and tell you were I was. I was hurting and I told you that. What do you want from me? I avoided telling you b/c I knew it would upset you, and that upset you as well. I don't have the answers or the understanding of where it is coming from, so all I can do is tell you how I am feeling. If someone else has an idea, as I posted on my blog, I am all for hearing it, cuz I'm at a loss for answers.

BTW, we do have an airmatress unless you lost it at campout. It was brand new and I haven't seen it since the last one, so it may make sleeping a bit easier, if you know where it is, just a thought.

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