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Originally Posted by happybird View Post
This small town is going to be on fire with the gossip. And my gf is a teacher in a local school. :/
Honestly, at this point on my own polyamory journey, poly just seems so natural and normal and healthy to me that it's a bit difficult to take people's shock and awe about it terribly seriously. Same with the bisexuality. So what?!? Not A Big Deal. Just let everyone know that you're happy, and let their dust settle where it will. Most importantly, have a good laugh at their bizarre reactions -- whether with or without them present to your laughter. (Without may be the better choice, if you can contain yourselves.)

Isn't it amazing that people can react negatively to the great good fortune of having multiple loves?!? Keep this astonishment close to the front burner of your minds as you unveil yourselves. And if the whole town is gonna be gossiping, why not make a real show out of it and have a really good time... by really rubbing it in their faces with lots of public displays of affection, three-way kisses and handholding?!?! It's not like you're beating a puppy or tormenting kittens!

Let the joy spill over visibly, just because you can! And laugh!
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