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Little update.

Still going very well with both my husband and my boyfriend. Sean (my bf) is at a party tonight, invited by a woman he's been interested in for almost a year. That woman actually invited the both of us, as she didn't know we were in a LDR. She's know Sean is poly from the start so that's not an issue...
He really likes her and I hope things go well, but it's always hard to know... I can't wait for him to get back and give me all the details!

It was weird, when he first told me about her I was feeling a bit bad about it, but I realised that it was because I didn't want to feel excluded from his life and his story. Then he told me all about her and it switched to being disappointed I can't help him out more! He seems to really like her and she seems very nice. I hope things will turn out!
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