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You definitely are the planner, Lilo and you do an awesome job of it We go to a lot of fun things and have great times hanging out. I think that there needs to be more fun things that are just with you and him though. Like the wedding you went to or the dinner you are going to tomorrow. I think PN realy needs to just have fun in an atmosphere with you and him more often. You and I seem to do that lots and I certainly don't have an issue helping you guys arrange that time. I told PN that my happiness and comfortability in this is directly related to the happiness between you two. So of course I have a huge investment in your connection.

Me and Nerdist aren't so different when it comes to seeking out people to socialize with or have group activities. We suck at it. He does better than I do hands down. I'm a natural loner who has always had one really good friend and is happy in that. I don't create social settings..I go to them usually. If it's not there I don't miss it. He doesn't need consistent contact with his friends but does eventually seek them out. So both he and I need to work on some things to take care of you better. We'll keep trying Lilo, we both love you and want to see that beautiful smile

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