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Originally Posted by Cryptoboy View Post
Should I just take what I can get, and hope for the best?
Sorry, I haven't read anything that anyone else has said, so if there are repeats, please excuse me.

as for the above quote? Well, I have noticed that this is a common theme with swingers that find themselves "falling in love" with those they swing with and find themselves at the door of poly. I don't think it's bad or anything, just an observation.

From my experience and what I have read on this forum and experience elsewhere, there seems to be a rush when people are sexually compatible that those people seem to think is for keeps. Maybe its the serotonin rush that one gets that makes people feel all in love? or maybe it's for real. Chances are it's a bit of both.

I have no doubt that this woman that you expressed your love to loved you in the moment... she got off, got connected and felt love. The thing is, when reality struck, she was done and moved on. There is nothing wrong with that, but it hurt you. Note to self, be more cautious next time.... "take what you can get and hope for the best" would be the answer here perhaps, or maybe you are really poly and want/need to pursue something more real.

just another thought, you don't know them well, chances are that you don't really know what goes on in their relationship. You only caught the good stuff... also, why shouldn't she have other lovers, this woman, if she is poly or the like then she would be more than able to have other love interests and it not influence how she feels about you.
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