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So it seems that Mono is a hot commodity in every family situation these days. Every event that both NP and my family has he is expected to be there. Ironic seeing as PN and I haven't been doing well and that is largely been because of PN's struggle with Mono.

It seems that PN has decided, or I have been convinced that he is in fact very much a friend of Mono's and that they just don't do friendships as I do. I have asked them to make an effort to get us all together so that I don't have to right now and feel like they actually all want to spend time together. That seems to mean a lot to me right now. I think I have come to the conclusion that if we are not to live together then it can't be me that makes that effort all the time. They have to participate in that also. If we lived together it would be a given and easy, but we don't so effort has to be made and they will have to help.

I was going to write about our coming out and how far we have come, but really its hard to talk about stuff that is working sometimes. I am happy that my family are beginning to come around and that they are beginning to love him. It's hard not to really. He is damned fine...
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