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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Her and I learn differently. She sat there, listened, offered her opinion and watched me. Months…we ordered books, I devoured them and wanted her to read them. She didn’t. She didn’t go online. She didn’t connect with anyone….

Every month she would say something that had me shaking my head. She was progressing in her own head. To herself. Learning on her own considering and intellectualizing everything going on. She made HUGE progress. He way of learning is not my way of learning. Once I knew that we relaxed into a pattern of personal growth.
thanks for this. It has been helpful in creating patience within me about my own dear PN... he also has not engaged in my journey through some of the stuff that has gone on on this forum... but I also haven't engaged in what has gone on for him. We are both to blame and both to start a new appreciation for each other... thanks.

I hadn't realized the journey you have been on in regards to this forum. WOW! I have had no part in it really, other than to invite you camping when LR, Maca and GG were coming. Now they aren't, but you are and we will have lots to talk about. Our friends that are camping with us will be bored out of their tree! I better warn them that we have a lot to talk about, just in case they want to wait a night before coming out. We can get it all out and then just relax
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