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Originally Posted by Wellington View Post
My screen name for this forum is my middle name.
Pretty cool, it is also the capital city of our dear little country New Zealand. Interestingly there are a few of us "kiwis" here now and statistically NZ has a high per capita involvement with polyamory. Unfortunately it also has a very low population so it's hard for us to find each other. (Just an aside)

As I've said before I'm Sage because Sages are wise and herbs are useful. I think there is a lot in a name, maybe they are like mantras in which case we maybe should take them more seriously?
My birth name is Debra (Hebrew for Bee) which may have been the reason I have worked too hard all my life. I feel like I'm moving into a "Zephyr" phase: I'd like to float gently through the rest of my life.
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