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Originally Posted by luckygirl View Post
He said "You make time", which sounds well and good, but he and I have been trying to "make time" to go see a movie together for over a week. He won't "make time" for me, but will for other women
The discrepancy here seems to be how you and he define "quality time." Don't you live together? Have you recently, say, watched a movie with him when he could have been out with others, or perhaps just hung around?

There are other factors to consider. Is he working erratically? Does he perhaps have inclusive and absorbing hobbies that keep him busy whether or not he's with anyone? Perhaps time alone with you, to him, is quality time, whether or not you're SPECIFICALLY ALLOCATING it to be so. If that's the case, you may need to more plainly state your own needs. He may be more casual about that kind of thing than you are, in which case it simply won't occur to him.

If he is making what he considers to be sufficient efforts to be around you, and you don't. . . there is a conversation in your future.
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