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Awesome site, lots of great advice with a side of humor.

When jealousy rears its ugly head (& it IS ugly for me when it happens) my need to lash out must be handled with kid gloves. I find I need MORE alone time in order to figure out what started the jealousy again. I reread xeromag, I journal, I do things to take my mind off the problem for a while since I find that sometimes NOT thinking about the problem helps me to 1. relax & 2. formulate a coping strategy until it can be overcome.

Somewhere in all of that I talk with Breathes & explain, to the best of my befuddled brain's abilities, the problem. He is able to see things from a different perspective without belittling my feelings about it. Between the two of us we manage to uncover the problem & bring it out into the light of day so it can be dealt with and banished.

This is by no means an easy or painless process. It takes time & lots of introspection. It is hard to face one's fears but it is so worth the end result.
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