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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
If you use Firefox, there's a filter available that will remove much of the crap from your feed. Game postings, reports that so&so added so&so to their friends list, and so on.

The filter won't guarantee never seeing all of that because FB tweaks its code regularly and the filter won't remove stuff affected by the tweaks. It is updated fairly regularly to deal with the changes, though, and makes FB much easier to deal with.

You can find it at
OMG thank you so very much! On FB you can't hide JUST the apps notifiers without hiding what your friends are saying as well so this may just solve my problem! No, I don't want to hide the friends because they are family & what they say is important to me.

I am going to share that link with friends, lol, so they can stop being frustrated as well.
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