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While Redpepper and her hubby were at a movie tonight I spent time with mutual friends of ours. They are closer to Redpepper and me but do know her husband. They are also extremely traditionally mono and have been married for 30 years.

I found myself truly appreciating their friendship and genuine concern for our well being. They are curious, but very caring. I like sharing with them because they don't judge either of us and care about our relationship. It is refreshing to have this kind of connection. I admit it is a bit closer to my social comfort zone but maintaining a little bit of my old life isn't a bad thing I think. Redpepper enjoys their company a lot too and tomorrow night we are going to their place for a BBQ.

I am so proud to show her off whenever I can...can I say that? She is amazing in so many ways..I love her in a completely new and exciting way...she is a gift.

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